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Aug 20, 2021

What is an MT5 white label solution?

somebody looking to setup their own brokerage. It works on the same principle as a regular broker in the sense that you earn from the trading volume of your clients. The benefits of opting for a white label are endless, from the hassle free option of identifying liquidity partner to the legal aspect and down to designing your website. Other benefits entail quick launch with unlimited technical support and smooth running of operations with control over your own business. The cost of setting up a forex brokerage through a white label option significantly reduces the cost of if you were to start from scratch. From our experience and years in this field, we can honestly tell you that most forex brokerages start off with a white label. The reason for this is simple. Operating a brokerage business has considerable risk, expense and knowledge required to sustain a viable business. To reduce this risk most decides to start as a White Label first and build up the business before obtaining a license. From this article we will enlighten you on all the steps required for your business to succeed.

When it comes to forex retail trading software MT5 is the most favoured amongst millions of traders and FX brokers worldwide.

What are the benefits of WL solution?

This question is one that we often come across. Choosing a white label solution means you get to save on cost and time and do not have to purchase a server license, neither stress over the hosting and backup system or to configure any settings. Our white label solution allows you to take advantage of a smooth and easy setup whilst we take care of all the legal and technical aspect. In return this allows you to focus on the core of your business efficiently.

1.Save time and Money

Our white label is particularly useful if you do not wish to spend so much resources on setting up private infrastructure. Purchasing a whole server is perhaps not the wisest choice at your initial setup stage . Opting for an alternative such our white label solution will allow you to save that money and invest in other key priority areas in the business such as sales and marketing that will allow you to have a strong foothold upon your launching and competitive advantage.

2. Best connectivity and liquidity

Access to multi levelled aggregated liquidity pools for STP or accumulated trade and providing favourable access to networks goes hand in hand with our white label solution. Our server is located in Equinix London data-centre in direct co-location and cross connection to our liquidity providers. Our smart order routing bridge and liquidity aggregation hub connect to liquidity takers via FIX API or directly through gateways.

3. Branded

Having a customized platform with your own brand to show off are other benefits that goes with a white label solution. A website is your forefront access to your customers, hence building an attractive branded website and differentiating against your competitor is key.

4. High performance

Empowering your business with best liquidity pool and fast execution, is a key factor when selecting a partner as this condition guarantees smooth trading for your clients. A higher efficiency will provide you with a competitive edge. The white label model allows you to offer your client traders the same value and quality as the original server owner but at a mere fraction of the cost.

5. Scalable to grow with your business

 As a broker ourselves we understand the business landscape and best fitted to guide you in your setup process.  All the features of our white label solution is tested to go.

6. Compatible to multi-platform

Opting for a white label allows you to scale accordingly by having a broader ease of access and combability to desktop and mobile for trading it extends your appeal to more traders, consequently facilitating your business growth.

All in all one can note that the primary advantage of opting for a white label solution is that it allows you to eliminate the challenges, risk cost associated with entering the market. It is very likely that if you had to consider all these setup elements from scratch, venturing into your own brokerage would not be financially viable and as attractive. Forexcs white label takes care of all the legal and setup requirement so you can focus on providing your clients a seamless experience and achieve undeniable growth for your business.


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