Our full-scale solution to reduce risk
and optimize liquidity.

Revolutionary Liquidity Aggregation Hub and indepth Risk Management System.
The technology Forex Brokers require to run their brokerage business.

MetaTrader 5 Platform Structure

The entire MetaTrader 5 structure is designed to ensure maximum flexibility for your business. The platform operation can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements, as the platform structure and ecosystem support multiple set of configurations and parameters.

All configurations and settings of the platform are easy to use and highly customizable, offering a wide range of core business automation tools to minimize operational costs and maximize business opportunities. Multiple business models can be applied into the platform to serve different types of clients across different markets.

MetaTrader 5 has also been designed to support institutional services to other brokers, such as offering partnership programs to introducing brokers and white label brokers, direct market access and liquidity services.

Risk Management System

Leverage functionalities & data every broker needs to improve risk-adjusted performance.


Analyse your risk exposures, calculate your P/L, and monitor the entire trading activity real-time and back-test your hybrid model.


Predict total company performance in the case of market sudden gap nmovement based on different filters.


Customizable business reports and EMIR/MiFIR regulators reporting.

Ultra-Low Latency Liquidity Aggregation.

Our liquidity aggregation hub connects to liquidity takers via FIX API or directly through gateways of the most popular trading platforms. It enables brokers, prime of primes, hedge funds, and banks to aggregate and customize unlimited number of liquidity pools from the variety of supported providers to optimize execution and reduce cost.

Pricing Stability and Risk Controls.

  • Aggregated market depth across unlimited number of liquidity providers.
  • React to off-quotes (Min/Max spread setting).
  • Unlimited number of markup profiles.
  • Set limits per client, per taker, per maker, per symbol, and per currency.
  • Set commissions, swaps, and exposure per client per symbol.
  • Cross margining controls.
  • Monitoring actions, activities, makers/takers connectivity, and pricing real-time and historic via the analysis log files.
  • Auto hedge/un-hedge open exposure when shifting clients between A & B-book.